Friday, 9 April 2010

Spells for Beginners

Spells for Beginners, obviously, should be basic and simple - but it does not mean that they can not be fun! In a story should be your main object is to stimulate some enthusiasm and energy to begin flowing within and around you, one of the most important lessons you learn. I have included some very simple spells and so no harm can come to you with them. You can use them to develop skills, confidence and start to become one with its own potential, as well as forces of nature. If you master these simple spells for beginners, you'll soon be able to cope with something a little more interesting. Here are a couple for you to begin with.

Love Spell
Spells for Beginners often include a love spell. In the end, this question is very often in our memory! The key to obtaining this kind of spell right, to make sure that you really open up opportunities. It should not be on the management of someone or try to bend their own free will. Instead, try to focus on the general feelings of love, and not anyone in particular.

You will need:
4 flower incense sticks (lavender, rose or ylang-ylang good)
Holder or ash for each stick

Line owners before you. Then take the first incense stick, light it and place it in the nearest of the owner, saying:
I whisper in the air to open the way for my future

Light the second with a stick said:
I whisper in the air to give birth to my true love to me

Light Three:
I whisper in the air, is now open my heart to believe

And further, saying:
I whisper in the air, and the rate of his / her name in a whisper.

Take a moment to focus on the swirling smoke in front of you. If you have psychic abilities, which you can use smoke and divination tool and look for any images or symbols that come to you. Collecting all the information that is available to create the feeling that something special. You also may find that you dream about him or her in this evening! It spells for beginners to go, it could not be easier to perform, but the difficult part is now open enough to receive what was sent back. It is absolutely fine to perform this spell several times in order to become better, but try not to do more than once during the 3 days.

Spelling with a candle and Tarot Cards
This is a great spell for beginners because they require very little set, and can also be used in many different directions. This spell using the candles and the corresponding Tarot cards in order to achieve a specific result. The possibilities and combinations are almost limitless, but I'll give you 3 to give you an idea. Nevertheless, the structure of the spell is the same for everyone - you light colored candles and place of tarot cards with him. You need to focus (and even meditate) on the memory card, and when you feel rise in energy, repeat the name card 3 times. Some combinations to try are:

Pink candle with a map of Lovers or the Empress card for love

An orange candle and Wheel of Fortune cards for money.

The white candle and Fool for new beginnings.

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